Package: x2goclient
Tags: +build-win32

When you do the following:
1. Replace x2goclient's VcXsrv folder with that upstream VcXsrv
2. Start an X2Go session
3. Suspend the session.
4. Replace x2goclient's VcXsrv folder with its default version, (X2Go/Arctica builds)
5. Reconnect & resume the X2Go session

You get the error message:
Failed to restore all the required visuals
And the session fails to resume.

Yes, this is the same symptom as bug #891, but under different circumstances.

I am sure it could be reproduced if you were to specify VcXsrv as an external X server instead.

Server: RHEL 7.3 with EPEL's x2goserver & nxagent & xfce 4.12.1
Client System: Windows 10 1703 x64