Not a problem.

Thanks for the feedback.


On 09/15/14 12:02, Mike Gabriel wrote:
Control: notfound -1 3.5.0-27
Control: found -1

Hi Nito,

On  Mo 15 Sep 2014 00:28:51 CEST, Nito Martinez wrote:

Package: nx-libs
Version: 3.5.0-27

It would be desirable to add some versions to be able to get the version of the
NXComp library.
These should be defined in NX.h, to be used from other clients, and

Attached is a patch that defines the following functions:

extern const char* NXVersion();
extern int NXMajorVersion();
extern int NXMinorVersion();
extern int NXPatchVersion();

In the patch assigned the VERSION has been set to 3.5.28, just to highlight that
it would be good to change the VERSION of nxcomp whenever a patch is applied
to the code.



Thanks for sending in that patch.

However, the next upstream release of NX redistributed is planned to be

The idea starting the NX version with 3.5.0 was to reflect what "upstream" version we obtained from NoMachine (they use three digits, NX redistributed uses _four_ digits in the version string). The fourth part of the version quadruple is the NX/X2Go/QVD redistributed patch level, so to say.

If that will not cause any technical issues, can you rewrite that patch so it handles four digit version strings (major, minor, micro,  X2Go/QVD-patchlevel).

Please also note that an upstream version like 3.5.0-28 will cause convention issues with most Linux distributions. In Debian, for example, the part left of the "-" denotes the upstream version, the part right of the "-" denotes the package revision inside Debian. So we should avoid using a dash in the NX-libs upstream version.