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PyHoca-GUI must not fail if a notification is not present

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Package: pyhoca-gui; Maintainer for pyhoca-gui is X2Go Developers <x2go-dev@lists.x2go.org>; Source for pyhoca-gui is src:pyhoca-gui.

Reported by: Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de>

Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 08:33:01 UTC

Severity: important

Tags: pending

Found in version

Fixed in version

Done: Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de>

Bug is archived. No further changes may be made.

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Subject: Bug#321 closed by Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de>
 (X2Go issue (in src:pyhoca-gui) has been marked as closed)
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Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2014 14:35:04 +0000
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[Message part 1 (text/plain, inline)]
This is an automatic notification regarding your Bug report
which was filed against the pyhoca-gui package:

#321: PyHoca-GUI must not fail if a notification is not present

It has been closed by Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de>.

Their explanation is attached below along with your original report.
If this explanation is unsatisfactory and you have not received a
better one in a separate message then please contact Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> by
replying to this email.

X2Go Bug Tracking System
Contact owner@bugs.x2go.org with problems
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From: Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de>
To: 321-submitter@bugs.x2go.org
Cc: control@bugs.x2go.org, 321@bugs.x2go.org
Subject: X2Go issue (in src:pyhoca-gui) has been marked as closed
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 15:34:46 +0100 (CET)
close #321


we are very hopeful that X2Go issue #321 reported by you
has been resolved in the new release ( of the
X2Go source project »src:pyhoca-gui«.

You can view the complete changelog entry of src:pyhoca-gui (
below, and you can use the following link to view all the code changes
between this and the last release of src:pyhoca-gui.


If you feel that the issue has not been resolved satisfyingly, feel
free to reopen this bug report or submit a follow-up report with
further observations described based on the new released version
of src:pyhoca-gui.

Thanks a lot for contributing to X2Go!!!

X2Go Git Admin (on behalf of the sender of this mail)

X2Go Component: src:pyhoca-gui
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2014 15:20:20 +0100
Fixes: 321
 pyhoca-gui ( RELEASED; urgency=low
   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * New upstream release (
     - Make notifications more robust.
     - Add support for encrypted/locked/passphrase-protected SSH private key
     - Only show notifications if there really is something to show.
     - Support encrypted on SSH proxy whith password authentication on X2Go
     - Implement two-factor authentication.
     - Don't crash if no notification-daemon provide is registered in DBUS.
       (Fixes: #321).
     - Become aware of new Python X2Go hook method
     - Become aware of new Python X2Go hook method (HOOK_desktop_sharing_denied).
     - Connect to sharable desktop session when selecting the session display
       with double click from the list of available desktop sessions.
     - Allow multiple PyHoca-GUI instances for the same user, one per $DISPLAY.
     - Allow for full path taskbar icon names, resolve tilde char in icon file
     - Allow for full path about image icon names, resolve tilde char in icon
       file path.
     - Resolve tilde char in file path of the about image.
     - Resolve tilde char in file path of the splash image.
     - Resolve tilde char in base directories for the PyHoca-GUI application.
     - Resolve tilde char in session icon names.
     - Fix termination of published application sessions.
     - Initialize thisPyHocaGUI instance as NoneType object before starting
       the wxApplication.
     - Slight notification layout change for HOOK_on_control_session_death() method.
     - Update German and English translation.
     - When installing icons via setup.py, let's use the copied icons rather than
       the icon set from icons_symlinked. That assures that really all icons are
       present. (The icons_symlinked folder is rather Debianic and not appropriate
       for non-Debian derived distributions).
   * debian/copyright:
     + Update file. Add entry for file icon2exe.py.
   * debian/control:
     + Recommend mate-notification-daemon (or notification-daemon as fallback).
   * debian/source/format:
     + Switch to format 1.0.
   * pyhoca-gui.spec:
     + Ship pyhoca-gui.spec (RPM package definitions) in upstream project.
       (Thanks to the Fedora package maintainers).
     + Add to BR: python-argparse, python-cups.
   [ Ricardo DĂ­az MartĂ­n ]
   * New upstream release (
     - Update Spanish translation.
   [ Daniel Lindgren ]
   * New upstream release (
     - Update Swedish translation.

[Message part 3 (message/rfc822, inline)]
From: Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de>
To: x2go-user@lists.berlios.de, submit@bugs.x2go.org
Subject: Re: [X2Go-User] pyhoca-gui error
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 08:32:54 +0000
[Message part 4 (text/plain, inline)]
Package: pyhoca-gui
Severity: important

Hi Mathias,

On  Sa 12 Okt 2013 11:50:08 CEST, Mathias Ewald wrote:

> Hi, connecting to my server I get this since the day before  
> yesterday: Dunno what changed ...
> mathias@x220:~$ pyhoca-gui --debug
> Xlib.protocol.request.QueryExtension
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (PyHoca-GUI) DEBUG: PyHoca-GUI's user interface  
> language is: en_US.
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (PyHoca-GUI) INFO: PyHoca GUI is starting up
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (PyHoca-GUI) INFO: start TaskBarIcon of type:  
> ('__WXGTK__', 'wxGTK', 'unicode', 'gtk2', 'wx-assertions-off',  
> 'SWIG-1.3.29')
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (PyHoca-GUI) WARN: the current release of  
> PyHoca-GUI does not support client configuration
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (x2gosessregistry-pylib) NOTICE: registering X2Go  
> session **********...
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (x2goclient-pylib) NOTICE: initializing X2Go session...
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (x2gocontrolsession-pylib) NOTICE: connecting to  
> [**********]:22
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (PyHoca-GUI) INFO: SSH key authentication to  
> server failed, trying next auth-mechanism
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (PyHoca-GUI) INFO: password dialog box started
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (x2gocontrolsession-pylib) NOTICE: connecting to  
> [**********]:22
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (PyHoca-GUI) NOTICE: [********** - connect]  
> Authentication has been successful.
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pyhoca/wxgui/logon.py",  
> line 438, in OnLogin
>     self._PyHocaGUI.notifier.send(self.current_profile_name,  
> context='AUTH_%s' % self.current_profile_name, timeout=4000)
>   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pyhoca/wxgui/notify.py",  
> line 137, in send
>     if not n.show():
> glib.GError: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown:  
> The name org.freedesktop.Notifications was not provided by any  
> .service files
> pyhoca-gui[15814] (PyHoca-GUI) INFO: exit application
> mathias@x220:~$
> For some reaseon pub key auth doesn't work anymore and even with  
> password auth it shows this error message.

You need one of the many tools providing a notification-daemon. Please  
install the appropriate notification-daemon package for your system:

dunst - Minimalistischer Benachrichtigungs-Daemon
libnotify4 - sendet Arbeitsflächenmeldungen an einen Meldungsdienst
notification-daemon - Daemon fĂĽr die Anzeige aufklappender Nachrichten
notify-osd - Daemon, der passive Popup-Benachrichtigungen anzeigt
plasma-widgets-workspace - Plasma-Widgets und Widget-Gruppen fĂĽr die  
xfce4-notifyd - Einfacher, visuell ansprechender Meldungsdienst fĂĽr Xfce
mate-notification-daemon - daemon to displays passive pop-up notifications

In newer distro versions, there is no dbus service file provide  
anymore, the notification-daemon needs to be launched via  

The fix in PyHoca-GUI will be not make pyhoca-gui execute without  
errors even if no notification-daemon is installed/started.


mike gabriel, herweg 7, 24357 fleckeby
fon: +49 (1520) 1976 148

GnuPG Key ID 0x25771B31
mail: mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de, http://das-netzwerkteam.de

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