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x2gocdmanager failing in a number of corner cases

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Package: x2gocdmanager; Maintainer for x2gocdmanager is X2Go Developers <x2go-dev@lists.x2go.org>; Source for x2gocdmanager is src:x2gocdmanager.

Reported by: Arne Wichmann <aw@anhrefn.saar.de>

Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 14:55:01 UTC

Severity: normal

Tags: patch

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Report forwarded to x2go-dev@lists.x2go.org, X2Go Developers <x2go-dev@lists.x2go.org>:
Bug#1032; Package x2gocdmanager. (Fri, 29 Apr 2016 14:55:01 GMT) (full text, mbox, link).

Acknowledgement sent to Arne Wichmann <aw@anhrefn.saar.de>:
New Bug report received and forwarded. Copy sent to X2Go Developers <x2go-dev@lists.x2go.org>. (Fri, 29 Apr 2016 14:55:02 GMT) (full text, mbox, link).

Message #5 received at submit@bugs.x2go.org (full text, mbox, reply):

From: Arne Wichmann <aw@anhrefn.saar.de>
To: submit@bugs.x2go.org
Subject: x2gocdmanager failing in a number of corner cases
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 16:50:44 +0200
[Message part 1 (text/plain, inline)]
Package: x2gocdmanager
Tags: patch

I found a number of cases where x2gocdmanager was not mounting/unmounting
CDROMs as expected. Namely:
- When CDs were changed quickly, the change of CD was not detected and the
  old CD stayed mounted
- Sometimes the umount failed because some files were still open (and
  similar cases). In that case x2gocdmanager considered the CD umounted and
  all further tries to mount a CD failed.

I append a patch which apart from these problem cases
- creates support for a log file, so problems can be more easily debugged.
  If the log file is not present a warning will be printed, but
  x2gocdmanager will work without logging as it was before
- makes an effort to unmount everything in /media at the start of the
- includes some basic debug output so that further problems can be
  pinpointed more easily

Indentations are a bit broken in the patch...



--- /usr/sbin/x2gocdmanager.dpkg-dist   2016-04-29 16:01:19.000000000 +0200
+++ /usr/sbin/x2gocdmanager     2016-04-29 16:01:41.000000000 +0200
@@ -46,11 +46,19 @@
        # silence this daemon script completely...
-       close(STDOUT);
-       close(STDERR);
+       # do not die here - file unwritable is a way to silence this
+       open(STDOUT,">>/var/log/x2gocdmanager") || warn "open failed: $!";
+       open(STDERR,">>&STDOUT") || print("open failed: $!");
+       print("Started ",time(),"\n");
+       # unmount everything which is mounted in /media
+       for (glob("/media/*")) {
+         system("umount -ff $_") or warn "could not umount $_";
+       }
        my @mounted;
        my @idedrives;
@@ -108,7 +116,11 @@
-                               push(@cdarray,@drives[$i]);
+                               # do not push if media change detected
+                               # this will umount the CD. after the next
+                               # iteration the new one will be mounted
+                               $_=ioctl(CDROM,0x5325,0);
+                               push(@cdarray,@drives[$i]) unless $_==1;
                        close (CDROM);
@@ -129,33 +141,35 @@
                                open (D,">",expand_filename("~x2gothinclient/export/$name.unexport"));
                                print D "unexport=/media/$name\n";
-                               system("umount -ff /media/$name");
+                               print("umounting $name\n");
+                               if (system("umount -ff /media/$name")==0) {
                                system("killall x2goejectcd");
+               }
                # enumerate all available CD/DVD devices
                for my $i (0..$#cdarray)
                        # mount the CD/DVD device if not yet mounted...
                        my @arr=grep { "$_" eq "@cdarray[$i]" } @mounted;
-                       if (@arr == 0)
-                       {
+                 if (@arr == 0) {
                                my @name=split("/","@cdarray[$i]");
                                my $name="CDROM-@name[2]";
+                   print("mounting @cdarray[$i]\n");
                                        open (D,">",expand_filename("~x2gothinclient/export/$name"));
                                        print D "export=/media/$name\n";
+                     print("mount worked: @cdarray[$i]\n");
                                        push (@mounted,@cdarray[$i]);
                                        system("killall x2goejectcd");
                                        system("DISPLAY=:0 x2goejectcd&");
-                               }
+                   } else { warn("mount failed: $?"); }

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coerced, comply as much as you must to protect yourself, just don't support
it. Noone can free you but yourself. (crag, on Debian Planet)
Arne Wichmann (aw@saar.de)
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