Package: x2goserver-

Hello, I use X2go for remote access into my virtual lab server to run GNS3. This is a python application that allows a user to build networked router labs.

I have been using X2go on Debian Squeeze with no problems. I updated my server this weekend to Debian Wheezy. The repository updated X2go to I am now having the below issues when I try to run my application. I also experience this with the baikal version.

This occurs with the windows client, the linux client, and the windows windows client. There is no issue with the application directly on the server. I can launch it on a monitor.

on command line, I issue the following...

user@vlab:~$ /opt/GNS3/gns3
Segementation fault

/var/log/messages file reveals...

Jun 10 13:07:39 vlab kernel: [54264.138060] python[20110]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fe724db5dd0 sp 00007fff49a860b8 error 4 in[7fe724d50000+f3000]