Package: x2goclient
Severity: grave

The newly released version of x2goclient for Mac OSX is unusable when used in broker-mode.
When started with --broker-url a dialog pops up handling authentication against the broker. After this is done, you choose a session. This next authentication dialog is the problem. The cursor is placed in the login-field and is blinking, but nothing appears when keys are pressed on the keyboard. The system bell (*dunk*) is chimed upon each keystroke. Clicking in the field does not change anything. You can place focus in the password field, but no input happens here either.

I have also tried setting the broker in noauth mode, so auth is only needed when connecting to the actual terminal servers. The problem is also present here. No initial auth dialog is displayed (of course), but when a session is chosen, the auth dialog will not accept any input.

Anders Bruun Olsen
Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab
(Society for Danish Language and Literature)