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On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 4:39 AM, Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> wrote:
Hi Kyle,

On  So 26 Okt 2014 00:04:16 CEST, Kyle Cottongim wrote:

Package: X2GoClient

When launching a session from within the X2GoClient, the process will hang
after the following call:

x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:3900> Executing remote command: "x2gostartagent
1440x900 adsl 16m-jpeg-9 unix-kde-depth_32 us pc105/us 1 D GNOME both"

This does not happen all the time, but generally happens after loss of
network connection or after logging out instead of just closing the
X2GoClient window. A complete restart of the client machine will solve the

Could you cross-check the debug output of X2Go Server, possibly add some more log message to /usr/bin/x2gostartagent, so that we can narrow down, where the "hang" actually occurs?

Does x2gostartagent get executed at all, or is X2Go Client aready stalling before executing that command.

Or is x2gostartagent hanging somewhere on the way? (Extra log messages placed in x2gostartagent will be helpful then).


​During this launch attempt, it seems the client is getting a bit further along than before, but still not to the point of launching something​. Here is how far things are getting now:

x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:2778> SSH connection established.
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:3038> Continue normal x2go session
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:3382> ""
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:3769> Fullscreen: false
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9257> got localhost
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9279> Port is free: 6000
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9345> using internal X: true
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9368> WxH:"1440"x"900"
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9373> "-multiwindow -notrayicon -clipboard"
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9410> Running "C:/Program Files (x86)/x2goclient\vcxsrv\vcxsrv.exe" "-multiwindow -notrayicon -clipboard :0"
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:3900> Executing remote command: "x2gostartagent 1440x900 adsl 16m-jpeg-9 unix-kde-depth_32 us pc105/us 1 D GNOME both"
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9257> got localhost
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9285> Port already used: 6000
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9439> X is started.
x2go-DEBUG-onmainwindow.cpp:9790> All winservers are started.

With some debug within the x2gostartagent I can tell that it is executing this script and now seems to be getting past this point. I have turned the logging level of the server to debug and here is the output I am seeing during a connection attempt:

Oct 29 08:02:33 oddjob /usr/bin/x2golistsessions[12799]: x2golistsessions has been called with no option
Oct 29 08:02:34 oddjob /usr/bin/x2gostartagent: x2gostartagent called with options: 1440x900 adsl 16m-jpeg-9 unix-kde-depth_32 us pc105/us 1 D GNOME both
Oct 29 08:02:34 oddjob /usr/bin/x2gostartagent: client announced itself as ,,''
Oct 29 08:02:34 oddjob /usr/bin/x2gosessionlimit[12835]: x2gosessionlimit has been called
Oct 29 08:02:34 oddjob /usr/bin/x2golistsessions[12838]: x2golistsessions has been called with options: --all-servers

I added some more debug messages to x2golistsessions and am seeing that this script seems to finish execution (I reach deubg statements just before closing syslog).

Another note is that even after restart of the client and server PCs, this is not working. Also, If I keep my client open for a long time after it "hangs", it will sometimes eventually bring up the remote session. The time it takes for it to do this is on the order of magnitude of many hours.