Similar bug
Bug report with Intellij IDEA:

Problem is exists. If you started jetbrains bussines applications - your x2go session is unstable.

Description of problem (from me) on russian:


May be similar bugs:


Mike Gabriel says:

In general, we have observed several irregularities in NX that occur  
with NX in rootless mode, but don't occur in desktop mode.

What is rootless mode and can i toggle my x2gosession to desktop mode?

In bug report of problem x2go with eclipse
Description solution for normally using eclipse:

So, is there a way to disable xrender extension ? (IIRC there was an
option like that in NX Client) or any other workaround ?


I've found a workaround, just add the following line in eclipse.ini :


But in phpstorm.vmoptions not exists parameters "cairoGraphics" (phpstorm unable to recognition that parameter for eclipse)

Please. Help with solve that bug in x2go. Save my time of life (I five months search another solutions for use phpstorm or intellij idea IDE in remote x11-sessions. But not luck)