Package: x2goclient
Severity: wishlist

Hi Stefan,

I'm the developer that coded at first time the notification message about the connection status. Somebody else modified after the code to introduce extra information.

2013/12/11 Stefan Baur <>
Upon connection, an info bubble pops up, containing a *totally cryptic session name* and disappearing after five seconds or so.

No non-technical user can make use of that message, seriously. And even technical users will have a hard time memorizing a cryptic session name within 5 seconds.

Complete agree. Not happy to see the session name there. 


Please, also add an option to disable this popup, and seriously consider changing the displayed info to something more user friendly like "Connection to host <host>, session <sessionname> established as user <user>." It's okay to add the cryptic string somewhere where techies can find it if they need it, maybe in an About-Box or so, but please - think of the chil^W ordinary non-technical end user.

I'm agree to show info more user friendly but not agree to add an option to disable this popu-p. Not sure who was the developer that added the session id to the pop up. If the developer read this post maybe he could explain to us why add this info in the pop-up.

And again, I'm kind of disappointed that we're adding silly eye candy when there still are serious bugs to fix.

I added the pop-up because if you set on the x2goclient option "hide windows on connect" (as I usually do with my users settings) looks like nothing happens when you click on connect button. So some users try to do again and again and connection stuck. It's no an "eye candy". 

In addition, it's complete true there are serious bugs to fix instead to add this feature so you have some options:
- Read in deep the code and send patches to fix them. And of course do it for free and using the time you must to be with your family, friends or doing some sports or something else...
- Fork the project and add the features you want
- Pay for commercial support to fix the bugs and your wishes

I don't want to be rude but it's an opensource project and not very happy when somebody use the words "silly eye candy" talking about the time other people spent for free.

Ricardo Diaz