Greetings Sir/ Madam,

Let me introduce you to our Funding programme.

National Investment Corporation (NIC) is a company driven by a mission so ambitious and grand sustained by a powerful vision that turned a name into a brand. A company of diversification operating in many sectors today setting standards in innovation, a company leading the way in Financing and Capital Investment within the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and GCC region.

Our Vision is to create and innovative global investment guru around the globe, and our Mission is simple,to increase wealth creation by investing in a portfolio of complementary projects and partnerships across diverse industries and countries.

We are providing middle and back office outsourcing of fund administration services representing over US$70 billion (Seventy Billion United States Dollars) now in committed capital for various investment opportunities in UAE and around the globe and we wish to re-invest this fund by putting it into the management of private businessmen and corporations with good business ideas that can generate the minimum of 10% ROI per annum over maximum of 5 -10 years duration.

National Investment Corporation is looking for equity partners, companies, Entrepreneurs and portfolio managers who will pay up to 3.5% interest and/OR part equity position with a 5 to 10 year hold. In 2030, we plan on acquiring up to US$4 Trillion in high-quality, low risk assets and investments to capitalize on the current market cycle.

You are invited to be a participant as beneficiary to the National Investment Corporation Entrepreneur Capitalization Program. The National Investment Corporation funds are set aside for business entities and companies within UAE and otherwise with international investment engagements. Our centre of attention are on seed capital, early-stage,start-up ventures, existing LLC and total completion and expansion of investment projects with immediate funding.

Applications are required from business executives and companies with proven business records in search of fund for expansion or for capital investment.

Please contact me back for more details.
Piia Poldmaa (Investment Consultant)
National Investment Corporation (NIC)
Marina Mall, Al Marina, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates