Package: x2goclient
Severity: minor

X2goclient uses the same error dialog for three different (but related) problems. The error message is the one about sshd not running (printSshDError() in onmainwindow.cpp). The conditions are:

1. Unable to open host public key (line 7319)
2. Unable to open key for exports (line 7438)
3. Unable to open authorized_keys (line 7455)

These should have distinct error messages, that does not just claim that sshd isn't running.

Also, the current message tells the user to install sshd with "apt-get install openssh-server". While I am an Ubuntu user, this message most definitely shouldn't be Debian/Ubuntu specific, since it is also given to both Windows and Mac users, not to mention Linux users on different distributions.

Anders Bruun Olsen
Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab
(Society for Danish Language and Literature)