Package: x2goserver


we recently installed the X2Go server to a headless server machine, which does not have a normal X server installed. After installing the x2goserver package and required dependencies we could not log in to the machine, the relevant error in the logfile ('/tmp/.x2go-*/*.log) was:

Error: Aborting session with 'Could not open default font 'fixed''.

After manually installing the following (X server font handling related) Debian packages, the problem was fixed: fontconfig, libxfont1, xfonts-base, xfonts-encodings, xfonts-utils.

I suppose these packages should be a dependency of x2goserver?

The server has Debian Wheezy installed, the x2go server package was obtained from the X2Go Debian repository: ' wheezy/main amd64 Packages'.


Dániel Kondor