Package: x2goclient
  1. Connect from win10 using x2goclient to xfce4 xubuntu.
  2. Open text editor in win10 (for example, notepad++).
  3. Open any text editor in xubuntu (for example, nedit).
  4. Copy some text to copy-paste buffer in xubuntu.
  5. Try to paste text into editor in windows 10.
  6. Expected result: text pasted.
    Actual result: text isn’t pasted.
Some notes:
  1. Copy-paste also doesn’t work in opposite direction.
  2. Pasting in win10 from xubuntu freezes win10 for some short period of time.
  3. Copy-paste inside same OS works fine.
  4. Xubuntu version: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
Can you please help me with this issue?