Package: <x2goserver>
Body: Package: <x2goserver> Version: <Not exactly sure where to check. Please let me know>
Not sure, if this is a real bug. But it seems to have been an issue before (See here:

Surprisingly, without any known changes, we suddenly receive a new error when establishing previously error free connections. The following error appears in the client (similar to the one described here in 2014: , however the connection is established as usual without any apparent problems. So why does this annoying error message appear and how can it be fixed? Connection failed. Cannot create remote file ~templatemate3/.x2go/ssh/key.TJ4977 - SCP: Warning: status code 1 received: scp: ~templatemate3/.x2go/ssh: No such file or directory
Let me know if you need any further info.

Client and Server running Ubuntu 18-04 LTS

 Thank you!