Package: x2goserver
Version: =
Tags: clipboard copy paste

Environment x2goclient: Windows 10 17763, x2goclient x2goclient-

Environement x2goserver: Linux CentOs 7.7, x2goserver-

Dear all,

The clipboard in the past versions until now are not really reliable. Many times I have to close the x2goclient window, and reconnect to make it work again. I have some issue to find a reproduce way, but it is occurs oftenly. When it is broken, I can copy paste in CentOs, but not from it to Windows. But then in Windows I can copy paste too, but only from it, as if there were two clipboard. Sometime, it symptom is different: there is a freeze of 3s when in CentOs it tries to copy or to paste from Windows. Sometime, the paste in Windows simply paste nothing, or just a space, but it still work in CentOs.

Clipboard is very handy when it works, so this issue is very inconvenient, sometime I have to close/open the x2goclient many times a day because of this issue. Also, changing clipboard mode from client to server only does not seems to work better. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,