Package: x2go X2GoClient _macosx_10_9



I have been using x2go to allow many clients to connect to several Linux servers. For the last few months, users are unable to create a new session via x2go from Mac clients. When connecting from windows clients, x2go functions normally. If a user connects from a windows client and closes the connection without logging out, they are then able to connect from a mac client but if they log out or the server restarts, they cannot connect from a mac client. When they try to connect to the Linux servers from a mac client via x2go, the XQuartz window momentarily opens but is all black and closes within a few seconds. No errors are listed. The mac clients are running a mix of the most recent 3 versions of osx/macos and the Linux servers are running a mix of the latest 2 lts releases or Linux Mint with Mate desktop.