Package: x2goserver 


We are experiencing a connection problem via x2go on our recently updated servers. The update that seems to have initiated the problem impacted nxagent, nxproxy, libnx-x11-6, nx-x11-common

- client side we have this error: The connection failed. Unable to start X2Go Agent session with ID XXXXXX-50-1568727595_stRTERMINAL_dp24. Agent X2Go completed unexpectedly. Aborting the start of the session - on the server side we have these details Sep 17 15:57:31 ist-debian / usr / bin / x2gostartagent: successfully started X2Go Agent Session with ID XXXXXXX-50-1568728649_stRTERMINAL_dp24 Other ssh clients like MobaXterm or putty are working properly.
On servers where we have no recent update but are also in debian 10 we have no problem.

We use Debian Debian GNU / Linux 10 \ n \ l
after the problematic update, the version of the agent nx is
ii nxagent 2: 

Thanks for your help

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