I'm honestly not even sure what all this talk of broker mode even is. I've never configured such a thing. I'm not an enterprise user. I've just used the standard interface and every time I exit a session, the program no longer responds to keyboard input when I try to re-connect. I contributed to this bug report because it seems to me to be the same issue. That means it affects every user, not just those using broker mode. To me, that seems like something worth fixing without having to coerce your individual, non-enterprise users to pay a bounty for properly functioning interface. That's why it's in a bug report and not a feature request.

On Sep 16, 2013, at 12:21 PM, Moritz Struebe <Moritz.Struebe@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>

Were getting off topic, but normally people spend their free time with things that satisfy them. Satisfaction can be gained by money, but for a lot of OSS it's because its something that person developing it uses: If some minor issue is bugging me, I'll spend time fixing it. If there is I major issue, but it doesn't bug me, there is no satisfaction in fixing it, unless I get satisfaction by people telling me that I did a great job. People just complaining do not help at all.
Besides: Mac is definitely no major target platform. AFAIK neverpanic is currently working on it, and he already put quite some time into getting it to work the way it does. Thus it was no "why don't you fix it yourself?", but a "Fix it yourself, pay for it being fixed or stop complaining." - After all the broker is an Enterprise feature, thus spending a little money would do no bad.....


On 2013-09-16 14:39, Gross, Christopher W. (Chris) wrote:
Yes, yes, we know. The software is free. Every time anyone expresses concern with something like the, this is the argument that comes forth, which suddenly makes our concerns invalid if we don't suddenly know how to fix the problem ourselves in a language we're not familiar with. I am grateful for the software, but as a developer myself, I find that programmers are way too sensitive to criticism. Sometimes users get upset when glaring issues are put on the back burner while other, much less severe bugs are added to new releases. It's going to happen and it's a critical part of the feedback and development cycle. Never is "why don't you fix it yourself?" a proper response.

On Sep 16, 2013, at 8:24 AM, Moritz Struebe <Moritz.Struebe@informatik.uni-erlangen.de> wrote:

On 2013-09-16 13:38, Gross, Christopher W. (Chris) wrote:
This is very disappointing. It's been 6 months since this report was
filed (and since the last release) and even though it was acknowledged
in July, it still was not fixed in the current version. Will we be
stuck with this bug for another six months?

Filing and acknowledging bugs does not fix them. You get X2Go for free,
thus I can see no justification for you to complain. Instead of whining
you could give something back to those people who spent many hours
working on X2Go for free(!). Either by providing a patch your self or by
putting out a bounty.


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