Package: x2goclient
I am trying to use x2goclient on NixOS, and installed x2go by "nix-env -iA nixos.x2goclient" and x2goclient can run successfully. However, when I tried to create a session to connect the terminal of a lxd container I build before, I got an error looks like this:

Unable to find the sftp-server binary. Neither bundled, nor found in $PATH nor additional directories.

In my configuration.nix, I enabled ssh and also sftp by " services.openssh.enable = true; services.openssh.allowSFTP = true;", so I believe the sftp-binary was already installed in my system.  By the way, actually I think I can access to the lxd container's terminal (got the terminal on my screen), but once I clicked the ok button on the error pop-up, the session would be aborted.

I am using NixOS 18.09 and X2go client version is Thanks.


Jiahui Tang