Package: x2goserver


I am sorry to reformulate my request (Bug#1330) because the Package was inapropiated (OpenGL) .

I am using x2go since many years (4 years) and I really appreciate it, but since a few months my application doesn’t work more.
In the recent past all was right and worked fine.

On the client side I have a Mac running High-Sierra MacOSX. I am using the latest x2go-client to connect by ssh on a distant GNU/Linux server under Fedora 28.
Once the distant desktop (Xfce) is opened, I use a terminal window to launch an application which use OpenGL. The problem occurs with a call to the function ‘glXChooseVisual()’ which don’t found any suitable visual.
To prouve this issue I have used a well-known example ‘glxsimple.c’ which said the same thing.
In this example XOpenDisplay() works, glXQueryExtension() works, but glXChooseVisual returns NULL.

Please did you heard of this issue or help me or tell what is wrong ?


Philippe Dax