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<Nimmerzeth> is there anyway to change the path to forwarded local dir on the server from ~/media/disk/_cygdrive_C....._finallyMyFolderName/ 
<Nimmerzeth> ? 
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<Ionic> no 
<Ionic> some desktop bindings make it more easily accessible, but the name is hardcoded/autogenerated 
<Nimmerzeth> =( 
<Nimmerzeth> It would be so neat if I could change at least the "_cygdrive_C....._finallyMyFolderName/" 
<Ionic> first such request I hear 
<Nimmerzeth> Ok, sorry for wasting your time and thanks for fast reply 
<Nimmerzeth> I can explain why I need this feature if you wish =) 
<Ionic> well, it might be a useful feature, it's just that nobody requested it yet 
<Ionic> the name currently is autogenerated from the full path IIRC... at least on windows, not sure how it's on linux and OS X 
<Nimmerzeth> I'm writing my own program. and I want to host it on VDS with ubuntu using x2go. Client should connect via x2go, only the programm window will be launched and forwarded, not the whole session 
<Nimmerzeth> and this program needs files on users PC (windows) to process data, I want to hardcode this path 
<Ionic> hm, hardcoding a path doesn't sound like a good idea for some reason 
<Nimmerzeth> but this dynamic-really-long-path is a pain =( 
<Ionic> yeah, I understand 
<Ionic> sounds like a reasonable wishlist bug 
<Nimmerzeth> any chance this feature will be implemented any time soon? 
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<Nimmerzeth> I understand that changing the whole path could be a big mistake due to security reasons, but at least the final folder name sounds reasonable for me 
<Nimmerzeth> btw, what are the rm and cd folders in ~/media? 
<Ionic> well I'd add another field to the sharing table for the remote path, defaulting to the autogenerated one 
<Ionic> rm = removable media, cd = self-explanatory I guess... 
<Nimmerzeth> yeah 
<Nimmerzeth> you guys are awesome! 
<Nimmerzeth> big thanks in advance =) 
<Ionic> buuut given that it's a deeper-reaching change don't expect it to be available soon, I'm currently devoting most of my time to reimplement nxagent's crtcs handling 
<Ionic> (i.e., the passthrough of xinerama information to the nested X server) 
<Nimmerzeth> sure. thanks anyway. hope at least this year 
<Ionic> please create a wishlist bug report in the bug tracker though 
<Ionic> the other information on this page, including examples) 
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<Nimmerzeth> I will paste this chat log as the description if you don't mind