Package: x2goserver



Numlock key on the Windows clients is not functional.


My coworkers informed me of this.

I am not entirely sure it’s a server problem.


1.       My Window versions:

Windows 7 Enterprice service pack 1.


2.       My Windows x2go client version is:


3.       Session is set for XFCE


4.       Server OS is Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS


5.       Servers x2go packages are:

x2goagent/trusty,now 2: all [installed,automatic]

x2goserver/trusty,now amd64 [installed]

x2goserver-extensions/trusty,now all [installed,automatic]

x2goserver-xsession/trusty,now all [installed]


6.       There are several xfce4 packages installed on the server.


7.       I made no changes to the configuration on the server.


Please let me know if you need further information.



Nico van Vliet