Package: x2goclient




When I try to connect to my server using x2go and my vpn connected on a windows 10 machine I get an error saying “Can’t start server please check you’re installation”.  If I disconnect the VPN it connects fine.


I am able to connect successfully on an Apple Mac High Sierra when openvpn is connected


OS:         Windows 10


Server: Centos 7


X2Go Server:


I get get the below log in /var/log/messages so it looks like it makes the connection


Jan 16 12:53:46 server /usr/bin/x2gostartagent: successfully started X2Go agent session with ID user-51-1516136025_stDXFCE_dp32


I see the below in  /home/user/.x2go/C-user-51-1516144088_stDXFCE_dp32


Info: Agent running with pid '73374'.

Session: Starting session at 'Tue Jan 16 15:08:10 2018'.

Info: Proxy running in server mode with pid '73374'.

Info: Waiting for connection from 'localhost' on port '52082'.

Info: Aborting the procedure due to signal '1'.

Error: Aborting session with 'Unable to open display 'nx/nx,options=/tmp/.x2go-user/C-user-51-1516144088_stDXFCE_dp32/options:51''.

Session: Aborting session at 'Tue Jan 16 15:09:10 2018'.

Session: Session aborted at 'Tue Jan 16 15:09:10 2018'.