Package: x2goserver or x2goclient
Version: (server), (client)

I'm using the standard "pc105" keyboard model and Slovene "si" keyboard layout at both client and server machines. Almost all of the keys work as expected while using the x2goclient to establish a connection to the local desktop. However, there are at least two combinations where I found that the passed keys are incorrect. These are:

- The key under the ESC (sometimes called the "tilde key") - instead a plus sign is printed at server side. I think it should be fixed, because some programs use it for console. I use it for drop-down Terminal.
- The key with less than and greater than symbols (<, >) is one right to the left shift, left to the Y key (QWERTZ keyboard). This is the "key difference" between US 104-keys vs. European 105-keys keyboards.

I don't think it is connected with my specific layout, maybe a group of layouts (German one also comes to mind, from which Slovene one evolved). Can somebody reproduce it?