I’m running in windowed mode (XFCE) through x2go and XQuartz.  The DISPLAY environment variable is not set. 

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Am 10.01.2017 um 23:12 schrieb Rick Benkstein:

I have made my software switchable between GUI non-GUI by examining the DISPLAY variable - if it is NULL then x2go is not being used.

Unless, of course, you are occasionally using a local X session, or
regular X forwarding, where this approach will bite you in the
posterior, falsely assuming that you're running an X2Go session when
it's regular X.

The deeper-rooted issue here is that X2Go-specific variables are only
set when a session is run in fullscreen or windowed mode, displaying an
entire desktop.

For single/published applications, no such X2Go-specific variable is set.

However, you can check if:

the command x2golistsessions is executable (=we're on an X2GoServer -
important in case of NFS-mounted home directories)

AND the DISPLAY variable is set

AND client DISPLAY and SSH client IP match an X2Go session marked as "R"
for running.

See <http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/doc:howto:ssh-agent-workaround>,
section "# Part that runs in X2Go session", for an example where you
could lift the required code.

What you don't need is the part that checks for a file named
"~/.x2go/agent", so just remove that part.

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