Did you get a chance to review my previous email? Please let me know if you did like to review few sample records from your target audience.


Look forward to hearing back.






From: Lora Todd
Sent: Friday, May 03, 2019 12:01 PM
To: '112@bugs.x2go.org'
Subject: CAD Technicians




Would you be interested in an email leads of CAD Technicians? We can help you reach out to:


Title includes:

Ø  CAD Technician

Ø  CAD Designer

Ø  CAD Specialist

Ø  AutoCAD


I’d be happy to send over few sample records on your request, and set up a time to discuss further.


The list comes with complete contact information like Contact name, Email address, Title, Company name, Phone number, Mailing address, etc.


Have a great day!




Lora Todd / Pro Solutions

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