How are you switching to fullscreen? In the default keyboard configuration there's ctrl+alt+f and ctrl+alt+Shift+f. Can you please check if that problem show with both. Also note the nxagent 3.5-99.25 is buggy regarding full screen, so maybe you should try updating tie the freshly released


Sylvain Cuaz <> schrieb am Di., 9. Feb. 2021, 17:31:
Le 09/02/2021 à 17:03, Ulrich Sibiller a écrit :
> can you please post a screenshot of that situation where it does not
> work? I don't really get what you mean by "If I put both my local
> gnome panel and the remote XFCE panel at the top".

I mean on my local session (where I launch x2go client), I have a gnome panel at the top of my
screen (the default)

Then I launch x2go client and switch to full screen.

The top pixels in the remote session inside x2go cannot be interacted with. Presumably because even
though I can't see any pixels of my local gnome session, the clicks inside x2go aren't grabbed by
x2go but rather by my local session. I.e. I cannot click on the application menu nor switch windows
using the top panel. This a full screen bug, in windowed mode, the remote XFCE panel can be clicked.

If on the other hand there's no gnome panel underneath the full screen x2go (e.g. my local gnome
panel is on my right screen, my remote XFCE panel is on the left screen) then I can interact fine.

Or I as said if my local desktop environment is XFCE then it always work no matter where are any panels.