Thanks for the reply.

I did try what you suggested - same problem. I think it stores all commands that has been set. So when I set "firefox" again it just auto-set to the one that has been stored and disregard the difference on letter case.
On Thu, 11 Aug 2016 at 00:40, Stefan Baur <> wrote:
Am 10.08.2016 um 20:06 schrieb Xiao Zhang:

> There seems no way to correct such misspell. I had to delete and create
> a new session.

Have you tried entering a different command, say, "true", saving the
session, then changing it to the lowercase "firefox" entry and saving again?

Also, do check out the "Published Applications" feature, as it allows
you to offer not one, but several applications to your users, with a
single sign in and all running within the same connection.

By default, all applications in /usr/share/applications will be published.
If you want to restrict it to a subset, run this, as root:

rm /etc/x2go/applications
mkdir /etc/x2go/applications
chmod 755 /etc/x2go/applications

cp -a /usr/share/applications/whateveryouwant.desktop \

If you replace the "Categories=" entry in the *.desktop files in
/etc/x2go/applications with "Categories=X2Go-Top", you will end up with
a "flat" start menu, which may be more to your liking if you only wish
to publish a few apps. Make sure you're not operating on a symlinked
/usr/share/applications folder, though, or you will mess up your regular
desktop entries.

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