Package: x2goclient

When I am trying to suspend a session using x2goclient from windows machine. Its actually suspending, but in the log its saying that its terminating.

When I am trying to create a new session the session the same session is getting resumed. But its not giving me option to select resume session.

Given below the log from x2goclient window:

Info: Proxy running in client mode with pid '21368'.
Session: Starting session at 'Tue Jun  7 17:51:33 2016'.
Info: Connecting to remote host 'localhost:31006'.
Info: Connection to remote proxy 'localhost:31006' established.
Error: The remote NX proxy closed the connection.
Error: Failure negotiating the session in stage '7'.
Error: Wrong version or invalid session authentication cookie.
Session: Terminating session at 'Tue Jun  7 17:51:35 2016'.
Session: Session terminated at 'Tue Jun  7 17:51:36 2016'.